Shira Gotoh

神門 姿良

The young charismatic chairman of Gotoh company, a multi-millionaire land development company, Shira first appears as an arrogant boy dressed in a sleek black suit. In reality not only is Shira into the punk style, but is actually a girl. She is in charge of the Elysium Project, to the public a preservation attempt of nature, but actually meant to unleash malicious spirits to devour humans and allow fairies to reign superior. Shira has a faithful bodyguard named Reify, actually Raven, who she often orders to kill other fairies who object to her goals. Her past was full of trama, her father refused to acknowledge her and locked her and her mother in a room. Shira's mother went insane and attempted black magic by killing a cat, but Shira interfered and her mother ended up injuring herself.

Through her blood, Shira summoned a demon god, who promised her power if she would help him. The demon took over Shira's father and has been using it to substain a form in the human world, but because it is dying the demon was forced to simply give orders to Shira and let her do the work. Because he still couldn't ease her loneliness, Shira turned to the captured Kureha, who treated her like her own child. Because Kureha misses her son, Shira often cross dresses so that Kureha would believe she is her lost child, Ian.

(source : wikipedia)