Ryoumei Kousaka

Kousaka Ryoumei is a Shinto priest working in a shrine but he's also pastry cheff in his familys cake-shop, when they need helping hands. Ryoumei is very kind and warm person, but he doesn't show that part to everyone. Most of the people thinks that he is cold and serious. Ryoumei used to take care of Ao, who was a bit clumsy, weird and lonely when he was a kid. They have known each other 10 years and Ryoumei always saw Ao as a kid, even that young man confessed his love towards him. Ryuomei is very embarrassed and uncertain about his feelings towards Ao, because he doesn't like the fact that he would be having sex with a guy. And it's not getting any easier when the other guy is 10 years younger (just a kid) and longtime friend. Ryoumei is usually seen with a smoke. He drinks very often with his old friend and they end up talking about Ao. Ryoumei was very popular in high school and he was married once (with a nurse), but the relationship didn't work out.