Mariel Lubie


An assistant of Lloyd & part of ASEEC. She first meets Suzaku in Chapter 1 where she suddenly grabs Suzaku and drags him to Lloyd, despite being the first time they met. She seems to be oblivious to certain situations like when she wouldn't let go of Suzaku's hand in Chapter 1. At first Suzaku calls her Mariel, but she seems to not like that name as she (jokingly) threatened to kill him if he called her Mariel. She seems to dislike formalities as she told Suzaku not to call her "Miss Elle and just Elle" in chapter 2. She is one year older than Suzaku (18 yrs old?) In the manga, she is the reason why Suzaku is able to attend Ashford Academy; it was her "gift" to him. She seems to be very smart since she finished her graduate school the year before (@ Suzaku's age) and has her doctorate.