Babalun Mest


Recently elected Chancellor of the Shitoreiyu Empire, he practically takes over the government of Shitoreiyu in Lashara's absence. Father of Dagmyer and Ulyte's older brother, he seems to have no use for familial ties or emotions, and does not tolerate failure of any kind, even from his own son. His family have been craftsmen for generations, and therefore have information on the Senshi civilization, which also gives Babalun information on the general location of Gaia's shield, as well as the ability control anything created by the senshi civilization.

Babalun uses the Babel fortress to take over the Holy Land and reactivate the Sekishin, Gaia. After discovering that Kenshi is the child of one of the mad-made seikishi made to destroy Gaia, he attempts to take control of Kenshi's body but he underestimates Kenshi's Jurian blood as well as his willpower. After failing to take control of Kenshi, he reactivates a fully restored Gaia, now equipped with Gaia's shield, and orders Doll to pilot it. When it appears that Kenshi is on Par with Gaia, Babalun takes matters into his own hands, and merges with the sekishin, which causes Gaia to transform into perfect Gaia, so he in effect becomes Gaia itself. After an intense battle with Kenshi, he is finally defeated when Kenshi's Tenchi rock sword turns to energy, shrinks and solidifies just for a moment into what looks like a Lighthawk sword, which cuts through Gaia's armor like butter.

After losing his physical form, he attempts to take Ulyte's body to keep living, but Ulyte uses the device that he (as Reia) stole from the barrier workshop to delete all the data in Babalun's core crystal, which causes it to shatter, effectively killiing Gaia for good. Dagmyer comes across a fragment of the core crystal later and cuts himself on it, causing the crystal to glow slightly. What this may mean is unknown for now.