Kind Killer
An exceptionally charismatic and attractive young woman who is at the same time the best mercenary agent in GazthSonika with 98 mission success rate. Like Margaret she doesnt remember anything before twelve years ago though she hasnt lost her language knowledge except for the word Madlax which she has adopted as her code name and a brief flashback of a gun in her hands and her father walking away Madlax believes that her father is still alive and fighting somewhere in GazthSonika. While she is the best fighter in the country easily able to dodge bullets with her Gun Kata fighting style and take down a small army all by herself Madlax hates war and acts very gentle and ladylike in private life. She fights only to bring a rapid end to all fighting and when Vanessa Rene shows her that Enfant is behind the war Madlax immediately seeks to destroy it no matter the personal cost. Her Pistols of choice are the Sig Sauer 220.