Chiaki Tanimura

谷村千秋, Akichi

Age: 15 Birthday: November 7 Zodiac sign: Scorpio Height: 154 cm A first-year and leading member of the Red Tails. Chiaki rarely speaks and dispatches her enemies swiftly with a pair of modified air-guns hidden under her skirt (actually, she can use up to four guns at the same time). She is very loyal to Kunieda even after she leaves the gang, and is ready to shoot anyone other than Oga who makes advances on her. She is the first to recognise that Kunieda is in love with Oga and thinks it very cute, as opposed to Nene. She is an expert video game player, often playing with her little brother, and Kanzaki gives her the nickname "Akichi" (an inversion of the syllables of her name) to signify her gaming persona.