Ginta Suoh

Mikis best male friend and a member of the Toryo tennis team. Miki has had a crush on him since junior high and once confessed her feelings to Ginta in a note. However the note was found by Gintas classmates and Ginta downplayed it although he also felt the same way about Miki without knowing at the time that she was watching. Although he did find out that Miki had witnessed his denial of any interest in her he was unable to tell her how he really felt until high school. The romantic tension between them comes to a head with Yuus appearance which makes them realize that they still have feelings for each other. He decides to go along with Yuus exgirlfriend Arimis proposal that they pose as a couple in order to drive a wedge between Miki and Yuu. In the process however he starts to develop genuine feelings for Arimi which she later reciprocates. Source: Wikipedia