Ashley Lynx


Age: 25-30 in appearance (approximately more than 200 years old due to his Resemble parts) Height: 190 cm Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue A white haired, high-ranking member of the R.U.C. His original name is Locke. The left side of his face and torso, his left arm, and possibly more of his body are Resemble. He is one of the few surviving first-generation immigrants, and once supervised the construction of the underground city. While he is charming superficially, he holds ulterior motives for those who work for him, and ultimately has little regard for his subordinates. In the final two episodes, he was shown to have had a romantic relationship with a human named Illumina Kisch, who stored her final words in Solty to be conveyed to him. Due to injury from accidents on two separate occasions, he was repaired via resemblization by Eunomia, but was later killed by Eunomia after losing control of her. wikipedia