Ratchman is the leader of the Aryan Socialist Union, a neo-Nazi organization operating in the United States. He was commissioned by Lord Alfred, a former SS officer in hiding in South America, to do a single task: salvage the painting 'The Twelve Knights led by Brunhilda' from the wreak of U-1324, a Type IX-C U-boat that was sunk on March 24, 1945 by a U.S. Navy patrol just outside its objective of Batavia (now Jakarta), with the promise of financial backing of the organization (oddly enough, Lord Alfred ALSO gave the same job to the Lagoon Company, mainly as a test for Ratchman). Ratchman is a petty, cowardly man, whose main quality is giving grandiose, overly-emotional speeches to inspire his men. He has no sense of either foresight or planning, as evident when Revy and Dutch raided their ship after stealing the painting from Revy and Rock, who entered the U-boat ahead of the A.S.U., with both Dutch - and mostly Revy – causing a bloodbath among the A.S.U.'s company as they celebrated in a drunken party. It was later - after his men were killed - when Ratchman discovered from a phone call to Lord Alfred that he was merely TESTING Ratchman and his organization - and found them as poor Nazis. Ratchman was later killed by Revy and Dutch when Revy offered one of her guns to him. Ratchman then tried to kill himself, but then turned the gun to Dutch - and found it empty.