Anton Ferner

Initially a subordinate of Prince Braunschweig, in the early stages of the civil war Captain Anton Ferner lead a failed assassination attempt on Reinhard with the intention of quickly ending the threat of the “blond brat” and stopping the conflict before it divided the empire. As he had carried out this plot without the approval of Braunschweig, who had scorned his advice, Ferner could not and would not return to the Prince's side. Acknowledging Reinhard's superiority, he instead opted to turn himself in to the Lohengramm forces. In an audience with Reinhard, he immediately expressed his wish to serve him, saying that Braunschweig did not appreciate his subordinates enough to ensure their loyalty. Perhaps because of his similarity to the intelligent but blunt Chief of Staff, Reinhard placed Ferner under the command of Paul von Oberstein. Throughout the series, Ferner often attempts to analyze Oberstein's plans and motivations. By virtue of his keen investigative skills and occasionally “unerring” judgment, he also proves to be a valuable asset to Oberstein and the Ministry of Military Affairs. Ferner is subsequently promoted to the rank of Commodore, then Rear Admiral. He is also made Investigative Department Chief and later Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Military Affairs. [Sources: LOGH episodes 18, 20, 58, 75, 85, 105]