Furcas Rachmaninoff


A former imperial doctor to the royal family. He has the appearance of a tall, dark-haired man, but in the human world he takes up a provisional body due to his contempt of humans. This body is similar to one of Lamia's (see below) "muumuu" pets, a random mass with a pair of eyes that can float above the ground at times. He is able to read minds. A highly skilled physician, he is first brought by Hilda in order to diagnose baby Beel, and is able to devise a cure for the kid by restablishing his bond to Oga. He comes back later to treat Hilda's wound. Foras and Saotome know each other, but the nature of the acquaintance, as Saotome's connection to the demon world, is currently unknown. His name is probably a reference to a demon of the same name. It is later revealed that Furcas current position is as doctor to the 34th Pillar Squad.