Maharu Sena Kanaka

マハル・セナ・カナカ, Maharu

Miharu's older sister, Maharu Sena Kanaka has been the head of the house since her father died. Getting close to 30, she worries about finding a husband, but thought she struck the jackpot when Yukinari found himself on Seiren one day. Initially jealous about Miharu's attention to the boy, Maharu finally gave her blessing to her little sister and allowed her to return to Earth to be with him. Additionally, she asked Koyomi and Tomoka to go to Earth as well, to find a husband for her. Extremely buxom, Maharu is VERY discerning about who should be her husband. When Kazuharu Fukuyama found himself on Seiren due to Tomoka's choice, she rejected him as a husband when she found out how much of a pervert he was! She's also a skilled fighter, her skill being equal to Kirie, which came in handy when Yukina tried to take over Seiren and turn it into a woman's only planet! (Source: Absolute Anime)