Mayo Kagura

Mayo Kagura is the fictional protagonist of the light novel series My-HiME Destiny. She also appears in the OVA My-Otome 0~S.ifr~; in this alternate continuity, she is known as Raquel Mayol. Mayo is the main character of My-HiME Destiny, which takes place in an alternate universe to the anime series My-HiME, sharing most of its characters and setting. She is a 15-year-old delinquent who transfers to Fuka Academy after being kicked out of seven different schools. She is an extremely powerful MiKO, as well as a competent fighter. She has the power of telekinesis. When in battle, Mayo's personality becomes extremely dark. She does not remember later on that she was in a fight, implying that she might have multiple personalities; she also claims that she and Shion Tennōji were good friends in the past, but Shion does not recall or believe this at all (despite Mayo knowing her name). Mayo is kept in a pair of handcuffs that severely limit her hand movement. The handcuffs are gold in color and said to be shaped like dragons biting their own tails, possibly an ouroboros. The handcuffs appear to be unbreakable, as other characters have attempted to force them off but were unable to inflict even slight damage. The handcuffs do not seem to hinder her daily life, mostly because of her telekinetic abilities, including the ability to teleport her clothing on and off.