Miyako Miyazawa

宮沢 都香

Miyazawa Hiroyuki and Miyako Miyazawa are Yukino, Tsukino and Kano's parents. They met as children and married right after high school, a continuous source of consternation for Miyako's father. When Hiroyuki asked to marry Miyako, her father beat him black-and-blue. Hiroyuki still bickers with his father-in-law, grumbling that the old fool could not let go of his daughter. His father-in-law was a policeman, and Hiroyuki encountered the old man under unfavorable conditions; he was caught while he and his friends were forcibly riding Miyako's new bike. Hiroyuki was an orphan who was raised by his grandfather, and values family very highly, a feeling that Miyako shares with him. Miyako understands his pain as she had lost her mother as a child. He loves his three daughters very much, and is frequently wearing a t-shirt that says "Daughter Love". His daughters, on the other hand, frequently tease him or treat him a little rudely, e.g., "Shut up, Dad!" after which he sulks comically. One of these infamous T-shirts ends up being worn by Soichiro to go back home in, when he is caught in a storm to walk Yukino home. Hiroyuki and Miyako are easygoing parents who believe in allowing their children to make their own decisions about their lives. source: Wikipedia