Reiichi Shiratori

Reiichi is bespectacled, bookish, and built like a bobble-head doll. His schoolmates abuse him, he embarrasses his sisters, and even his mother criticizes him for the pain his oversized head caused her during birth. Only one person appreciates him for who he is, his beautiful friend Yumiko. Smitten, Reiichi can't say no when she asks for his help in finding her lost dog. Unfortunately, he is hit by a car while he is saving Mister. On the upside, the thankful animal turns out to be a magical human prince under a sorcerer's spell and grants her wish for beauty. Following a yearlong coma, the teen (now a new-wave heartthrob) has moved to a new school to begin afresh. In a twist of fate, Yumiko has also switched schools.