Gopher has a rather aggressive and violent nature, especially if it is concerning insults made towards Noah, whom he is both extremely protective over and obsessed about. Gopher personally believes that he is the only one who can satisfy Noah. Justin also describes Gopher as always being uptight. He later demonstrates a tendency to bite his top lip whenever he becomes enraged. Gopher's appearance is that of a young lad with a oiled-up and slicked-back hairstyle. His appearance, surprisingly, is in stark contrast to his actual personality. Gopher wears a long-sleeved, white shirt. The shirt is topped by a Peak Vest with various markings and designs spread across it. The same design is repeated on both the left and right side of his vest. His belt is also suffuse with the very same designs. Gopher also wears black pants with large bell bottoms and, once again, sports similar designs on the hemlines. Gophers eyes are similar to Kid's, with the difference being his are black instead of yellow and lacks a visible pupil.