A mistreated chimo breeder who works for Rachef. He realizes that he is deceived by Rachef and betrays Rachef, helping Noriko to escape. He keeps the two chimos that Rachef spared. He may be a little slow, not too bright and highly insecure but he is kind man with a very gentle and big heart in his body.

When he was younger it was hinted that he was treated badly and found solace in the forest with all the animals. In time he learned how to talk in their 'language' and gets along wonderfully with them. He is extremely greatful to Noriko because she said thank you to him for saving her life. He said that because of her grateful act she had saved him. He would do anything for her. He tamed two chimos that were badly mistreated and aquired them as the result. The two chimos that Rachef had spared had two babies. so in total he has now six chimos in his possesions.