Ceres Tyte


A male seikishi at the Holy Land Academy and the first male friend Kenshi makes. A shy boy who usually follows other people's leads, Kenshi gives him the courage he needs to make his own decisions. During the Holy Land's summer break, Ceres decides to run away with his lover Hazuki, since male seikishi are not allowed to choose who they marry. With Kenshi's help, Ceres and Hazuki are able to start a new life elsewhere, away from the church.

A Havoniwan senator discovers the location where Ceres lives and tells Dagmyer's forces about it. Holding Hazuki hostage, Cliff Cleese forces Ceres into a suicide mission to kill Kenshi, in exchange for Hazuki's safety. After Kenshi destroys the sekishin barrier reactor, Ceres, Aura, Chiaia, and Wahanly infiltrate the bandit hideout where Hazuki is held and rescue her. Ceres and Hazuki then become citizens of Kenshi's new country, helping out in various tasks around the Swan. Ceres pilots a second mechanoid alongside Wahanly for whenever the need arises.