Roji (ロジ) was Robin's mean, arrogant, abusive, cruel, and selfish aunt. When Robin was 2 years old, Oliva's brother; Roji's husband took her in. Of course Roji never liked Robin and would threat to hit Robin if she did not stop crying, she would always make Robin do all the house work and have her eat stale bread. Roji would not allow Robin to join any family celebrations. [1]Roji would complain if Robin tried out her cousin's clothes. Unlike Roji, her husband would always defend Robin; her husband, who was also Robin's uncle by blood, was the only person to show care for her and would deal with Roji's temper. Roji only cared about herself, her husband and her own daughter. It is not known what happened to her during the Buster Call attack on Ohara. She is presumed dead since Akainu blew up the refugee ship. She was first mentioned in chapter 391, [2] and was seen later in a small flashback [3]. She was last seen fully, yelling angrily for Robin when she found the bread and jam gone. After that she appeared in small flashbacks. [4].