Tatsumi Daiba


Tatsumi Daiba is the protagonist of ALCBANE and also appears in Until Death Do Us Part as a major character. ALCBANE: A Capital university graduate student. A young man admired as genius electrical engineer at a mere 18 years old. He developed and uses a quantum computer, SPARC, and opposes evil. Though he despises crime more than anyone, he makes cool-headed judgments that sometimes appear heartless. (source: nihilsinenefas.wordpress.com/alcbane) UDDUP: The manager of Element Network who keeps a close eye on Mamoru and Haruka. He has a disabled leg and uses a walking cane. Daiba gained reputation as the prodigy who created the search engine MENTOR in his teens. MENTOR brought him much wealth and he went on to become a world leading VIP. During his childhood, his father murdered his mother in front of his eyes. There are rumors that he is connected to the underworld and has developed quantum computer. According to Mamoru Daiba,Tatsuni Is a who immersed himself into all forms of material arts, just to overcome his extreme insomnia (source: wikipedia) (source: Until Death Do Us Part chapter 93)