Carmaine Fallsmyer

カーマイン・フォルスマイヤー, Carmaine

The protagonist of Growlanser I. When he was born, he immediately became an abandoned child but he was picked up and raised by the royal court magician Sandra. As an infant, he received two contradictory prophesies, to become "the darkness to destroy the world" or "the light which saves it". Uneasy about his future, Sandra watched over him and had him never go outside of the city or have contact with the outside world. However, he often has vivid dreams of places he knows nothing about. When he became of age, he was told by Sandra to go and experience the outside world and therefore he begins a trip outside the royal capital Rosaria. Royal court sorceress Sandra created a homunculus that looks like a fairy, Tippi, to look after him. Tippi accompanies his journey and helps him solve problems. Louise, Sandra's real daughter, is Carmaine's adopted younger sister and she loves him like a real brother. He becomes an officer knight for the kingdom of Rolandia and he carries out missions with his comrades. He has to solve the incidents that occur on the continent among the three countries, especially when the threat of war breaks out between them. Aside from having strong visions of places he has never been to, he sometimes has dreams of incidents occuring in another place which are actually happening. Sometimes he is "mind-controlled" by a mysterious voice that can control his body. He earns the title of "Growlanser", the one called the "Savior of Light" when he saves the countries, and defeats Gevel and Venzel.

He is a clone human created by Gevel from the cells of a man called Belgar. He was sent to Rosaria dressed as an abandoned child to be a spy. Gevel, his creator, can control his mind and body, but Ruise can prevent that from happening just by being by his side because she is a Growsian -- the Growshu power she has blocks off the mind waves from Gevel. When Gevel was destroyed, the source of his life was also gone and he weakened to the point of being in danger of dying. However, because of the Power Stone, the wishes of the people throughout the continent which he saved united together to grant him a human body. After Venzel was defeated, he works as a special envoy of Rolandia Kingdom.

(Source: Growlanser Realm)