リフル, Riful of The West
First Appearance: Volume 8 Manga Episode 15 Anime Former Rank: 1 Type: unknown Riful is the Abyssal One of the western territory. She was the number one in the first generation of female Claymores and the youngest ever to awaken. She presents herself as cheerful and polite though she will instantly discard anyone who gets in the way of her goals. She lives with her lover Dauf and she constantly attempts to force strong Claymores to awaken often through torture in order to increase her companions. She later focuses her interest on matching Isley and Priscilla039s power in order to stop them from advancing into her territory and she finds the merged form of Rafaela and Luciela. She wishes to awaken the new being and captures Reneacutee for that reason. Riful039s awakened form retains a feminine humanoid form but one composed of fleshy strips. Her lower body is an immense mass of such strips which are incredibly resilient and capable of lashing out at high speeds to ensnare or impale her opponents. Her enemies often attempt to attack the humanoid portion though it simply splits into the strips when attacked.