Rikka Hiiragi

She is a female second-grade elementary school student who just got transferred into Seiyo Academy. She has a high spunk character and always being distracted whenever someone was talking to her. She is very kind and caring to poor things, for example, watering a plant in the sidewalk and saving a kitten from a tree. Ever since when she first met Amu Hinamori and the Guardians, her dream goal is wanting to become a Guardian herself. Rikka has the rare ability to see Shugo Charas and to communicate with X-Eggs without having her own Heart's Egg. Source: shugochara.wikia.com

In episode 20 Rikka is trying to become like amu and gets a x on her egg she was afraid that Amu would hate her but Amu said thats she wanted to help her Rikka asked if she would hate her if she had a x on her egg and Amu said she won't. At home rikka said that she was fine as it is and a x egg becamed clear and hatched as Rikka's Guardain character Hotaru.

When Hotaru Character Transforms with Rikka, they become "Pure Feeling". She "slightly" resembles "Amulet Diamond" by the yellow clothing and hair style. Appearance: She seems to show 40% of her bare skin to probably show the pureness of her. There are six sun-like orbs on her back which resemble an image of a "sun" on Hotaru's egg. Some of her clothing resembles Hotaru's, and she wears orange hair bands on her hair. Abilities: As Pure Feeling, she can perform Open Heart with Amulet Diamond; which doubles the power to restoring broken X-Eggs.