One of Slumberland's black sheep characters and an extraordinary troublemaker. He is the first person Nemo meets in Slumberland. Flip enjoys causing mischief and smoking cigars (much to the distress of the others), and travels around Slumberland on a giant crow named Flap. According to Flip, he is the only person in Slumberland wanted "for having fun" (he even has a wanted poster hidden under his coat which reads that he has a $1,000,000,000,000,000 reward for his capture). He is also the owner of the only known map of Nightmareland. Even though Nemo usually finds his antics funny, most of the others are angered by him, the Princess even hitting him on more than one occasion in the film. He's the one who convinces Nemo to open the door with The Nightmare King behind it (even though he meant no harm by it, not knowing what the door held), thus leading to the story's main events.