Reci was a female Cardian who appeared in episode 051. The annual flower gazing festival was taking place in Tokyo, and the aliens Ail and An decided that this festival would be an excellent opportunity to gather energy from the flower gazers. Hundreds of people were in attendance, including a group including Usagi, Minako, Rei, Ami, Makoto, Naru, Umino, and Haruna-sensei. The aliens soon found themselves alone and were able to select a Cardian - Reci - for gathering energy. When Naru and Umino went for a walk along, a nearby barren tree began to emit a strange energy. A tall column of energy quickly engulfed both students, knocking them unconscious. Haruna-sensei soon found them and ran to their aid. A strange woman appeared behind her, and she begged the woman to go get help. Unfortunately, the woman was actually Reci, and instead of helping, she stole Haruna's energy as well. Fortunately, the other students soon found the three unconscious victims and took them to a nearby office, where a doctor tells Usagi that after some rest, her friends' condition should improve. He added that ten people had already been brought into the office that day, which he found very puzzling as it was still too early in the season for sunstroke. Usagi walked outside, and Artemis told her that the victims' energy was stolen. Luna noted that the other girls were already searching the area where the incident happened, so the three of them headed in that direction. As the other girls searched, Rei said that she felt an aura around the place. Soon, the barren tree began to glow again and Reci appeared within it. Once the Cardian was fully visible, her eyes began to glow and columns of energy engulfed each of the girls. Usagi heard her friends' screams and ran to the area, quickly transforming into Sailor Moon and seeing that her friends' energy had been stolen. Reci emerged from a nearby cherry tree and attacked Sailor Moon, knocking her to the ground. Sailor Moon tried to use her Moon Tiara Action attack, but the tiara stopped spinning in mid-air and Reci knocked it out of her way. Rei then weakly warned Sailor Moon not to look in the Cardian's eyes. Reci attacked again, this time grabbing Sailor Moon and forcing her to the ground. Once she was pinned down, energy engulfed her and her transformation brooch shattered, causing her to detransform back into her civilian form. The other girls looked on as the Earth became quicksand-like and swallowed Usagi. Luna rushed forward and grabbed the girl's sleeve in an attempt to save her, but both of them were ultimately drawn into the Earth. Meanwhile, the Makaiju was bursting with a great deal of energy. The aliens were excited that the tree would soon regain its natural beauty. They ordered Reci to gather even more energy. While Usagi was unconscious, Queen Serenity appeared before her in spirit form. She gave her a new brooch, the Crystal Star (which was fused with the Ginzuishou). Once Usagi emerged from her unconscious state, she quickly transformed again using her new brooch. Reci continued attacking her, but the Moonlight Knight soon appeared and stunned the Cardian. While Reci was stunned, the Cutie Moon Rod appeared (another gift from Queen Serenity), giving Sailor Moon a new attack. She used this new attack - "Moon Princess Halation" - to destroy Reci. (Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)