Amaderasu was a Cardian who appeared in episode 053. Ail and An wanted to steal very "young" and "fresh" energy, so they sent Amaderasu to attack local nursery schools. They began by sending her to attack Juuban Municipal Nursery School. A bright orange light flashed above the school, and Amaderasu appeared in a glowing orb above. She formed a ball of energy in her hands and sent thin, sparkling strings floating to the Earth. The strings enveloped the babies, workers, and parents at the school, draining them of their energy. Everyone was knocked unconscious as their energy was depleted, and Amaderasu vanished. Usagi, Mamoru, and Ami witnessed the attack taking place, and called ambulances to the scene. Everyone was taken to the hospital for care, where it was discovered that only one child - Manami - was unaffected. Mamoru and Usagi volunteered to care for Manami while his mother was in the hospital. In the meantime, the Senshi worked to learn more about Amaderasu. Rei used her fire reading technique to learn to recognize Amaderasu's evil aura. Thus, they were able to determine that the location of her next attack would be Nakayoshi Koyoshi Nursery School. At the nursery school, an orange glow covered everything and Amaderasu appeared in the sky. Like before, a blue orb appeared in her hands as she prepared to attack. This time, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter arrived to stop her. Sailor Venus used her "Crescent Beam" attack, but Amaderasu was barely fazed. The Cardian created orange bubbles which encased the babies, causing them to float up and create a protective shield around Amaderasu. The Senshi realized that they could not attack her like this. Soon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon arrived, but Amaderasu began draining their energy. The Moonlight Knight appeared on the scene and distracted the Cardian long enough for Mercury and Moon to be released. Sailor Mercury was incredibly angry, so she gathered her strength to use a new attack, "Sabão Spray Freezing." The attack froze Amaderasu in ice, giving Sailor Moon the opportunity to use "Moon Princess Halation" to completely destroy her. (Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)