Mitsunori Kugayama

久我山 光紀, Kugapii
Blood Type: A Birthday: June 29 1982 Age: 1923 Favorite Manga: Anman Dama Favorite Anime: Fun with the Tarurun Family before the theme song changed Favorite Game: Exitge Pen Name: KODAMA Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ringtone: Laputa: Castle in the Sky theme The stuttering heavyset Kugayama is Genshikens only artist until Ogiues arrival. He generally lacks the motivation and commitment to create a fullfledged djinshi. In volume 5 Sasahara asks Kugayama to draw a djinshi for ComicFest which he fails to do until Saki forces him Ogiue and Sasahara to make one under a very tight schedule. He is given the nickname Kugapii by Saki. In volume 6 he graduates and begins work at a medical device manufacturing company in Iidabashi. Kugayama though at first a seemingly mediocre artist is actually quite talented. However his talent only appears when he is properly motivated i.e. when drawing more erotic imagery particularly that of Yamada from Kujibiki Unbalance. Source: Wikipedia