Tarou Kurihara

Taro is usually considered the cutest and mature worker at the cafe. He is a fastidious neat freak in glasses, and cannot stand disorder. It is too bad that one of his fellow employees wreaks havoc wherever he goes. Taro is the second in command of the cafe, and his co-workers generally do as he says, with the exception of Minagawa and Maki. His apartment is spotless, and visitors have to go through a full body sanitization in order to come in. Taro has a huge closet full of different types of cleansers, and sends off overseas in order to get many of them. He used to be less obsessive about cleanliness until he fell under a sea of filth when visiting Maki's apartment. Taro has an ongoing rivalry with Maki, and is often seen hitting him over the head with a mop or various items. (Source: Wikipedia)