Kizuna Etou

Blood Type:0
Height: claims to be 52 while shes actually 51 1/2 Profession: A loafer whose living expenses are paid off by her guardian. Earns spending money by modeling for Asais paintings. Hobbies: fashion shopping Likes: sweet things spicy things Dislikes: lightning the sound of adults yelling Favorite colors: red black Wardrobe: girls punk. Likes bold patterns and borders with skulls or hearts knee socks and thicksoled boots. Lately Yoshiokis taken her under his wing and convinced her to try more girlish clothes. Stress relievers: shopping going to allyoucaneat bars long baths watching scary movies Righthanded Kizuna is a pretty 16yearold girl. Not much is known about her past only that she got involved in a clique that steals money from businessmen for the thrill. She seems to have no parents to speak of and doesn039t go to school either. But everything changes once she meets a strange woman on the evelator... a woman who knows of her. Source: Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi