ジュンイチ, Jackson,Vincent

Vincent or Jackson (Japanese: ジュンイチ Jun'ichi) is the third protagonist of The Legend of Thunder!. His English name when he is seen in the Silver Conference is Jackson; his English name in The Legend of Thunder!, however, is Vincent. His starter Pokémon was Chikorita, received from Professor Elm of New Bark Town, at the same time as Jimmy and Marina received their Cyndaquil and Totodile. He has a crush on Marina. Knowing Marina admires people who wear capes, Vincent dresses up in a cape to impress her. He has also used different personae in a bid to impress her. While it is disputed whether Jackson was one, he calls himself Fabu-Vinny in The Legend of Thunder!, as Marina calls Lance Fabu-Lance. Vincent sees Jimmy as a rival for Marina's attraction, which is not unfounded as QuestShipping is near-canon. As Jackson, he first appeared in Tie One On! where he battled Ash Ketchum in the final battle of the preliminaries of the Silver Conference. The match ended in a draw but Ash proceeded to the next round on points as Jackson had lost his previous match. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Vincent