A student that is commonly seen with Metalys, yet over time he seems to be growing increasingly creeped out by Metalys' unusual attraction towards him. However, when he thinks Metalys is about to confess to him he starts to respond positively, only to find out Metalys was speaking to Suzuho, and he becomes deeply distraught. Later, George repeatedly tries to win Metalys back (although he never actually had him), even conspiring to kill Suzuho, but fails (comically getting injured by Metalys, too excited to notice him, trying to impress Midnight Blue Vampire). In the end, George becomes so distraught that he seeks refuge in prayer - and attracts the attention of Hapsiel, who seems to become a mentor figure, as well as a source of support to him. At the very end, George has even begun dressing like Hapsiel, and addresses him as 'my lord'. (Wiki)