Tomoko Takase


Tomoko Takahase was a an anime only character. She appeared in the episode "Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus" and was an old friend of Makoto's from the school Makoto attended before transferring to Juuban Municipal Junior High School. Tomoko was an budding story writer who made friends with Makoto when she saved some of Tomoko's manuscripts from a group of bullies, giving Makoto a chance to read them and become really impressed. Tomoko's source of inspiration was a boy on her school soccer team who she had a crush on, but she didn't think he would ever notice her. When she told Makoto this Makoto encouraged her to publish her story so she could get noticed. Her story, Pegasus in the Moonlight, was published and she became a popular author. One day when she was signing copies of her book she spotted her crush in the crowd with another girl and her confidence was dashed; she felt she couldn't write any more. Makoto, Chibiusa (who loved her book as it featued a Pegasus just like the one Chibiusa had been in contact with), and Usagi went to her house, and Makoto managed to cheer her up, but then she was attacked by Tiger's Eye for her Dream Mirror. During the ensuing battle Tomoko caught sight of Pegasus when Super Sailor Chibi Moon summoned him with Twinkle Yell, and was filled with confidence and inspiration once more. She went on to write another book, called Illusion of Pegasus, which she dedicated to Makoto.