Atsugessho was a Droid belonging to Berthier which appeared in episode 61. She took a human form under the name "Atsuge Shouko" while she worked at Otafukuya, a store that was part of the operation to take over the future Crystal Points of Crystal Tokyo. However, after Usagi scared away her customers with a loud outburst about how makeup would not make a man fall in love with a girl, she revealed her true form and attacked Usagi. After a brief battle against Sailor Moon, Luna, and Tuxedo Mask, she was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation attack. Atsugessho could increase the size of her powder puff several times fold and could flatten objects with it. She could also spit out a corrosive liquid that would disintegrate whatever it touched. (Source: Project WikiMoon)