ルリコ, Luana

Luana (Japanese: ルリコ Ruriko) is the Gym Leader of the Kumquat Island Gym. She hands out the Jade Star Badge to Trainers who defeat her, and specializes in double battles. Her Japanese voice actress is 小山茉美 Mami Koyama and Kayzie Rogers in English. Luana owns a luxury hotel on Kumquat Island that also doubles as her Gym. Trainers often stay at the Kumquat Hotel to help prepare for battle. The actual Gym appears to be the largest in the Orange Islands, outside of Pummelo Stadium. When Ash first met Luana in Pokémon Double Trouble, she mistook him for her son, Travis; Ash has a striking resemblance to him, who also has a Pikachu. She misses her son and wishes to care for him again. Luana's maternal side extends to her Pokémon, whom she cares for deeply, treating each one like her own child. After helping Ash stop Team Rocket, she challenged him to a double battle — the first ever in the Pokémon anime, long before Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire introduced the concept in the video games. Ash used Pikachu and Charizard in the match. Despite their initial unwillingness to cooperate, the two pulled together in the end and were able to defeat Luana's Pokémon.