ミケイラ, Mikaela,Michaela

A "doll" of Cain's cousin Suzette, she is able to summon and control poisonous spiders, which are modeled after Painted Red Leg Tarantulas.] Mikaila believes she is destined to bear Cain's child. As a result she becomes obsessed with him. Later in the series, Mikaila undergoes a dangerous operation to age herself several more years so she can resemble Suzette more. Mikaila believes that by resembling Suzette, she will win Cain's love. However, the operation severely damages her already fragile body. Cain refuses her advances towards him; as Mikaila's body begins to decay as a result of the severe effects of the operation, Alexis abandons her and she is fatally wounded by Ida. To gain information about Delilah, Cain brings her to one of his hideouts. There, Mikaila clashes with Mary Weather, believing she is in competition with Mary for Cain's affection. Although Jizabel gives Mikaila the option of killing Mary Weather to both rejoin Delilah and continue to live, Mikaila chooses to die, pondering the meaning of her own artificially created life as she crumbles to dust.