Shiron Byacornise

Calico,Ever-laughing Witch

A young woman living 3 centuries ago whose book is sought after by the Armed Librarians. During her time she was credited with the recipe of the antidote for the deadly Dragon Pneumonia, but was executed when the people discovered she was deliberately withholding the antidote to make maximum profits. She appeared to have some connections to the Shindeki Church.

When the Meat Colio Tonies discovers fragments of her book, the true tale of Shiron Byacornise's tragic life is revealed. As a child she could see dreams of the future, making her the subject of endless abuses and torments. Wizakh, a member of the Shindeki Church, sought Shiron out and promised to provide her a life of comfort in exchange for her oracles. However, when she dreamt of and tried to warn people about the incoming Dragon Pneumonia, no one believed her and it was Wizakh who withheld the antidote Shiron dreamt of to make profits. To glorify the Church's image, Shiron was set up to be the one who created the cure and thus idolized as the nation's "ever-laughing saint", with the laughing demon sword Schlamuffen, bestowed by Wizakh at her side,. Eventually, Shiron stood up against Wizakh, massacring him and the Church's army with Schlamuffen and turned herself in to the authorities for decapitation while taking all the blame onto herself. Before Colio Tonies, her book was purchased by a pair of lovers, who discovered they could communicate with her through the book. It turns out that through her dreams, Shiron knew of Colio Tonies, that he would read her book 300 years later, and fall in love with him (who by then would also have fallen in love with her) Through her detailed instructions, Colio was able to defeat Segal and save Hamyuts Meseta, although he lost his life in the process. Shiron's ghost is last seen besides his corpse, and they watch the sunset together just like she once predicted.