Ichirou Ohno


Monsieur Ichirou Ohno was an anime only character. He was a famous chef who, despite not being French, was a master of French cuisine and was considered one of the top five chefs of such cuisine. He first appeared in Fruits Parlor Crown, and while Makoto Kino recognized him she doubted herself, believing that someone of his fame could not possibly be visiting such an everyday cafe. He was the head chef of a 3-star French restaurant, but he was not happy. Twenty years earlier, before winning his widespread acclaim, he and his lover Mayako had planned to open a restaurant in a mansion she had purchased. However, just after she had managed to buy it Ichirou decided to leave to study cuisine in France, as he felt himself too good to open a restaurant at the house Mayako had chosen. He later came to realize he had been selfish, and while his food was critically acclaimed, he believed it secondary to Mayako's speciality stew. He began to look longingly at her house, afraid to go inside, but finally summoned up the courage to do so. Mayako accepted his apologies and the two of them opened the a restaurant as they had always planned - Restaurant Rokuten. http://www.wikimoon.org/index.php?title=Ichirou_Ohno