Lizzie was the head of a gang of outlaws. She was caught by the authorities and was to be taken by train to be hanged. However, the train was also carrying a cargo of bodies for Jarbilong, along with Ivan Isaacs. After the gang massacre most of the train, they try to steal whatever is in the cargo and in turn get massacred, with all the members being killed by a lone one. After the first lot are killed by Ivan Isaacs, he warns her to get off the train, and that he won't be merciful the next time. She then jumps off the train which is then blown up by Ivan, and loses consciousness. After burying her comrades, she takes up a shotgun and goes to Saint Baldlas to get revenge. She witnesses Ivan fighting Jarbilong and in the process gets bitten by one of the zombies. Jarbilong spots Lizzie and is about to convert her properly, but is killed before he is able. After the battle, Ivan visits her and threatens that unless she kills herself before the curse takes hold, next time he will kill her. Lizzie then wakes up in a cell about to be hanged as a witch. Before they can lynch her, she is saved by Coburn, a Federal Marshall. After explaining to Coburn what happened in Saint Baldlas, and telling him about Ivan Isaacs, Coburn takes her with him to find Ivan. On the road, the plague inside her threatens to erupt to the surface. However, Father Lucian, a priest travelling with Coburn, manages to keep it under control. During this, she sees Gena in a hallucination/vision and asks her questions, however receives no answers. Afterward, she explains to Coburn how she cannot go on living and decides to give up on life. In response, Coburn tells her how he knew her father, and that he wouldn't talk like that. Later, they find Ivan Isaacs who jumps into a ravine, with Lizzie following. During her recovery she asks Ivan for help but he ignores her, telling her 'Why do you ask me questions which God himself doesn't answer?' She tries to coerce him by using her similarity to Gena, but Ivan gets angry and threatens to kill her. He decides against it and gives her all he can give. 'Rage'. After this, she cuts her long hair and goes talk to a mysterious clan who she knew as a child. She chooses to ally herself to this clan by telling the leader what disease his son has, which is Temozarela's. However, she tells him it's Ivan's fault to get them to help her in her quest. [Wikipedia]