Coburn is a cynical atheist Federal Marshall hired by the government to find out what is going concerning Ivan and Temozarela. He first appears to save Lizzie from being hung as a witch after Jarbilong's work on Saint Baldas and subsequently hire her to help him find Isaac. He later appears trying to track down Ivan over a desert and during this Coburn reveals to Lizzie how he knew her father, and how he escaped by jumping off a ravine. During Ivan's battle with Achmode, the group comes across Little Bosack to find it a ruin inhabited only by corpses. Father Lucian stops to pray for the souls, but every corpse suddenly comes alive and attacks them. Coburn shows himself skilled in fighting, using two guns and a whip to destroy the zombies. After escaping, they meet Ivan at the other side of a ravine. Coburn demands Ivan gives himself up for questioning, and Cairo then shoots at him, against the protests of Father Lucian. During this, Coburn shows his mean side remarking 'I don't tell you how to pray'. However, Ivan responds by jumping into the ravine, causing Coburn to cry out 'Why the hell does everyone I try to capture throw themselves into ravines?!' and try to follow him. However, Father Lucian persuades him not too, just before Lizzie jumps after Ivan. After Cairo is killed by the Order of St Vertinez, the same group which released Temozarela, Coburn calls in orders for reinforcements, although his use for them is unknown. After this, they then go to Windtale and try to persuade the Mayor that his town is next to be plagued by Temozarela. However, their pleas fall on deaf ears, and Coburn leaves, remarking 'Either way, this town is doomed'. This is later fulfilled as Coburn appears once again after Netraphim just as the village is surrounded by members of St Vertinez. He lights up a cigarette and tells Mr. Dudley that this is personal. During the battle of Windtale, Coburn remarks on the skill of St Vertinez and joins in the fray with Lucian and Novic. In the fight he meets up with Joshua and they clash in a duel where Coburn realizes Joshua knows his weakness. He is stabbed just above the heart by Joshua but withdraws the sword and gives it back, telling him to 'aim a bit higher' as he gets ready to fight again.