Zakuro Fujiwara

藤原ざくろ, Renée Roberts, Mew Zakuro, Zacro Fujiwara
Zakuro Fujiwara is the last of the main Mew Mews introduced. Her DNA is merged with a Grey Wolf. Zakuro went to a prestigious school and was fully educated. Much of her past isnt mentioned in the manga but is shown more in the anime. It was mentioned in one episode that she used to live in America as she left home two years before the series started. In Tokyo Mew Mew it is shown that someone close to Zakuro died in the form of a flashback. She had to take care of herself when her parents were busy. This hints at the reason for her unsociable personality. Zakuro is presented as a selfconfident independent and mature character throughout the Tokyo Mew Mew series portrayed as the mature oldersisterlike figure of the group offering advice and often appearing to save the younger girls just in the nick of time. She usually works alone as she initially refused to join the other Mew Mews. Zakuro is also shown to be very smart although she often masks her knowledge of things. She often takes to speaking with Ryou about conflicts within the group. Although Zakuro is a part of the Mew Mews each member views her differently: Ichigo views her as the big sister of the group that she stands out at parties as well as being calm and cool in dire situations. Minto sees Zakuro as an idol that she adores while BuLing and Retasu find Zakuro to be a normal person who doesnt really stand out from the crowd. Source: Tokyo Mew Mew Wiki