Ryou Shirogane

白金 稜, Elliot Grant
Ryou comes from a wealthy family and has been stated to have an IQ surpassing 180 making him a natural genius especially when it comes to genetics. It has also been rumored that he graduated from an American University. Because of this and events in his past he has a removed sarcastic and rude nature towards most of the cast apart for his childhood friend Akasakasan. Despite this he seems to be a kind person underneath something that Ichigo catches on to later in the series probably most obvious when he is trying to encourage Lettuce who has little selfconfidence. He seems to have a romantic interest in the main character Ichigo but these feelings are not returned. Ryou is headstrong and serious but has moments where he will behave immaturely such as his arguing with and teasing Ichigo. Ryou is dedicated to the Mew Project. When Dr. Shiroganes Ryous father project was ready Ryou was unsure that it would be safe so he tested it on himself. He didnt have the right genes so he didnt turn into a proper Mew Mew but does have the ability to change into a cat for ten minutes. If he stays a cat for longer than that he is permanently stuck in cat form. When he is a gray cat he goes by the name Alto. He wears a green scarf around his neck. Alto was introduced in episode 28. Alto saved Ichigos life many times and has kissed her in order to return her back into human form. Ryou is the one who gave the girls their Mew Pendants so that they could transform. He was also the one who with Keiichiro chose which people would get the Red Data Animal DNA implanted in them. Source: Tokyo Mew Mew Project