Katana is the main antihero who acts as antagonist to the main characters while at the same time swinging between villain and ally from situation to situation depending on his evershifting mood. Appearing as a gothic mutation of a schoolboy in a striped shirt sweatervest tie and slacks all under a trench coat Katana is tall and narrow in appearance gaunt and deathly pale with a noteworthy scar beneath his left eye the origin of which is unknown. At the age of eighteen Katana works as a manforhire living on the garagelevel of an abandoned building on the edge of a junk yard in Night Town. The quiet type dark cold and stoic by nature Katana lives for the most part alone having no friends and seemingly not wanting any. Off and on in the series Katana is involved with the Jacque Bruno gang working as a Heavy Metal operator and in a way their muscle until he decides to go his own way which he does often even if they pop up every now and again. Personalitywise he shows no interest in much of anything but money and rising to the top of the criminal ladder as it were his grand intention to rule over Night Town. While not evil Katana is a sociopath. from Wikipedia