A female droid who was summoned by Berthier in episode 62. She was assigned with the task of corrupting the Soft Ice Cream Shop Bob Floy, an ice cream shop located on one of the Crystal Points of the future city of Crystal Tokyo, with Dark Power. She assumed human form, took over the establishment, and posed as a saleswoman there. However, the ice cream that Nipasu sold was designed to induce negative emotions and feelings of thermophobia in those who ate it, driving them to purchase and consume more of it. Eventually, the consumers would end up being frozen within solid blocks of ice and stored in the large cold room at the back of the ice cream store, thereby contributing to the corruption of the Crystal Point with Dark Power. After failing to dispose of the victims in the storeroom, Berthier and threatened the droid with destruction if she did not do so quickly. Nipasu set out to destroy the victims, but before she could do so, she was confronted by Minako Aino and Luna. The two had come in search of Artemis, who had earlier been discovered and frozen during a reconnasissance mission to the ice cream shoppe. After revealing her true form, the Droid quickly incapacitated Luna, but was soon confronted by Minako, who had transformed into Sailor Venus, as well as by Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. Even though she was outnumbered, the powerful villain may have ended up destroying the senshi, but was distracted by Sailor Mercury's Shine Aqua Illusion long enough for Sailor Moon to destroy her with Moon Princess Halation. To attack, Nipasu emitted a blizzard of snow and ice from her mouth that was cold enough to freeze individuals in solid ice. Nipasu had dark green eyes and light blue-green hair. (Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)