トランクス, Future Trunks, Kid Trunks, Trunks Brief
Race: HalfHuman HalfSaiyan Birth Year: 766 Age Height: Future Trunks 170 cm 56 Kid Trunks 129 cm 42 Weight: Future Trunks 60 kg 132 lbs Kid Trunks 30 kg 66 lbs Hobby: Future Trunks Tinkering with Machines Kid Trunks Video Games Favorite food: Future Trunks Convenience Store Bento Kid Trunks Barbecued Meat Favorite vehicle: Future Trunks Time Machine Kid Trunks Sports Air Car Trunks as the son of Bulma and Vegeta is a halfSaiyan halfhuman hybrid like Gohan. There are two versions of Trunks. One designated Future Trunks is from a future timeline who travels back in time with the help of a time machine created by Bulma to try and prevent the disastrous events that occurred in his timeline from happening. The other designated Kid Trunks is the recently born then later depicted as a child version who didnt travel through time. Future Trunks battled the android twins 17 and 18 but was never able to beat them so travelled back in time to the point where a rebuilt Freeza and King Cold had just arrived at Earth. He quickly and effortlessly defeated them then gave Goku some heart medicine that would prevent him from dying soon and also delivered a warning about a hidden threat the androids that would suddenly appear in three years time. Future Trunks would later take on a role in fighting the androids and Cell. Future Trunks was skilled at science and had a serious attitude. Kid Trunks who in contrast to his future counterpart has a cocksure attitude develops a close friendship with Goten. They are able to transform into a stronger combined version called Gotenks through a Fusion Dance. He took a leading role in the events of Dragonball GT which was about the journey around space of Trunks Goku and Pan in search of the Black Star Dragonballs. In Dragon Ball Online which takes place 216 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z and unlike DBGT Akira Toriyama had a lot of creative control over the story its stated that Present Day Trunks and Goten had founded the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School in 805 Age. As for Future Trunks he takes the role of Time Patrol and transports players to certain points in time. In Cross Epoch the Dragon Ball and One Piece Crossover oneshot Trunks is seen with horns and is a crew member aboard Captain Vegetas airship. Sources: Dragon Ball Super Exciting Character Guide Book by Akira Toriyama