Masaru Kodaka

小高 勝, Kodama

Kodama was the boy chosen to pilot Zearth during the third battle with the robot, Cancer. He was a relatively quiet boy who liked to keep to himself. His father was a wary individual who ran a civilian contracting company. Kodama's two gifted older brothers hate their father and try to go towards a different path, however Kodama looked up to him and his status as a "chosen" man. He even wore Kokopelli's glasses to seem smarter like his father. Being raised by his father seems to have warped Kodama's sense of ethics and morality to the point where he enjoys to take shots at stray cats with a pellet gun.

During his time as a pilot he made no attempt to avoid casualties and marveled at the death being caused because of him. This sense of wonder was cut short when he was sent crashing down on top of his beloved father's car killing his father instantly. For a moment he was left totally stunned but he managed to shake himself out of it in time to kill Cancer using knowledge gained by having an understanding of construction. He died unceremoniously a moment later. Kodama's death alerted the other pilots to their fate. His chair was a plush office chair. There were 50,000 casualties during his battle, many due to his own malice.

(Source: Wikipedia)