Asago Sumon


In the beginning of the story, she was introduced as Ryuji's fiancee (seisai, literally translated as the good/right/holy wife). She was aiming to be like Durga, a legendary female figure, who acts as her husband's right hand. She is the only daughter of Sumon, the head of the Silver Dragon Clan, the head clan under Kuryugumi. Asago is jealous that Ryuji spends most his time with Tsukasa and not her. She is quick to show her temper and is reluctant to trust Tsukasa as she is a katagi (a child of a cop/ law abiding citizen). Like Ryuji, she's can use a gun well and can use two at once. She doesn't seem to truly trust anyone except Ryuji. In the beginning, Asago believes that Tsukasa is male, later she finds out, much to her dismay, that Tsukasa actually a girl. After Ryuji protected her from being shot, she has been living in guilt and had even thought about suicide but changed her mind after meeting with Munakata, a cop. Eventually she accepts that Tsukasa is the only one who Ryuji can truly be comfortable with. She eventually shows some feelings towards the scarred cop. She later confesses to him at the hospital after the great gang war. [Source: Wikipedia]