Wakasa Ayabe

Kage no Seisai

The legendary shadow seisai to the currently disbanded Hogougumi. Looks like a more mature version of Tsukasa with long dark hair. Not much is known about her except that she took the fighting half of the weak omote no seisai to the Hogougumi kumicho. Very good at fighting, either weaponless or with a katana. She was the origin for the title of Durga. Was rumored to have no physical contact with her 'husband' though she pledged loyalty to him, but lately it was found out that she slept with Hogou's kumicho and had a girl (Tsukasa). Is rumoured to be dead. Abandoned Hogougumi when it was threatened by Garyukai over 14 years ago according to Shiki. Went out to kill Mikaido Shiva according to Azuma. Entrusted the kagi, or the key to Garyukai's top secret to the Kozuki family. [Source: Wikipedia]