Guinevere su Britannia


Guinevere su Britannia (ギネヴィア・ス・ブリタニア, Ginevia su Britannia) is the First Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. She likes to spend her wealth on extravagant monuments and buildings. She has a tattoo above her left breast. Guinevere feels that the Chinese Federation should be punished for embarrassing her brother Odysseus. After the one month time skip she is seen in the royal court. She is shocked to see that her brother Lelouch is still alive, but she is horrified when he states that he killed their father, and she orders the guards to seize him. After Suzaku thwarts this attack, Lelouch uses his Geass to compel everyone in the Royal Court to accept him as the new emperor. She is then employed as a maid along with much of the imperial line.