Akaya Kirihara

切原赤也, The Devil
Birthday:Sep 25
Blood Type:O
Class: 2D 6 Elementary: Kanagawa Daisan Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Aggressive He is the youngest and only second year student in the Rikkaidai lineup thus earning him the title Second Year Ace. He joined Rikkai because he heard the school had a very strong tennis team but his hopes were quickly crushed by the Three Demons. He usually acts childish and friendly though he is actually very violent on the court often causing serious injuries that require hospitalization. He reforms in the anime after being beaten by Fuji though he retains his nature in the manga in the nationals in the anime he returns to his violent playing style. While under high pressure or after sustaining injury The whites of his eyes turn red becoming bloodshot and his power skill and speed increase. He becomes much more violent while in this state. Later he develops a Devil Mode which turns his skin red and his hair white. His bloodlust and destructive power are greatly enhanced and he solely focuses on crushing the opposing players using purely violent means. Kiriharas trademark shot is the Knuckle Serve a more powerful and extreme version of the Twist Serve in which the serve goes straight for the opposing players body.