Akira Kamio

神尾 アキラ
Fudoumine 2nd Year Birthday: 26th August Virgo Height: 165cm Weight: 52kg Blood Type: O Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Counterpuncher Shoes: NEW BALANCE WCT 800 Racket: DUNLOP XL MEGA IMPEDANCE TITANIUM Special Move: Sonic Bullet Favourite Food: Potaufeua kind of soup Boiled spinach Hobby: Listening to music karaoke Family: Father Mother Older sister Fathers occupation: Office worker Tour agency Favourite Subject: PE Long/Short run Music Favourite Colour: Neon yellow/green Preferred type: Someone with a sweet smile Kamio is the speed ace of Fudomine and the teams vicecaptain. After his heartbreaking lost against Seigakus Kaidou Kaoru he decided to train harder which led to his triumph against Yamabukis Sengoku Kiyosumi. He is somewhat in bad terms with Momoshiro after the latter broke his bike when Momoshiro tried to catch a thief.